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InDeFi SmartBank has become a partner of the international blockchain and cryptoindustry forum Global Disruptors Summit

On April 15th, an event hosted by Star Consulting & BlockGlobe will bring together world-class key innovators and influencers in fintech, digital assets, NFT technologies, Web 3.0 and related industries to share forecasts and insights on market developments.

The Paradigm Shift is a key trend of our time, and it has become the motto of the Global Disruptors Summit. Alexander Lebedev, the founder of InDeFi SmartBank, will make a keynote speech at the session Blockchain Empowerment & Paradigm Shift in Finance. Topic of his address: “InDeFi SmartBank: Bank 2.0 and Inclusive Finance”.

The Global Disruptors Summit program (GMT + 8), the list of speakers and partners are available on the website, where the event will be broadcast.

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