We are happy to introduce the Emperium project - sustainable innovative solutions for the development of shipping.
On this page you can evaluate the WHITER PAPER (investment memorandum), watch the video message of the initiator of the project ALEXANDER LEBEDEV, observe media coverage and become an investor (co-owner) of this promising business.
SCI - Safe Coin Investing

In accordance with the principles of Safe Coin Investing (SCI), your invested funds remain on the deposit under your control. Only the annual persentage yield is used to supply the Project. At the same time, you receive for free TEI (Tokens of the Emperium Investor), which you can subsequently exchange for Emperium shares.

7% of Emperium shares participate in the distribution of TEI tokens, which is equivalent to $ 3,000,000.
1 TEI = $ 1 of income allocated to finance the Project from the invested funds.

After reaching 3,000,000 TEI, the emission will stop, the tokens can be exchanged by its holders for the Emperium shares.

At the same moment, deposits will be unlocked, and shareholders will be able to withdraw all the provided funds for further use at their want.
Any of the participants in the investment round can withdraw their deposit at any time, or invest deposited funds it to another project. At the same time, the already distributed TEI tokens remain with the holder.

What is Emperium?
Production of full-cycle electric ships with their own IT, battery and energy systems
Multifunctional and transformable interiors
In-house development, engineering, production
Current shareholders intensely invest in R&D and support the project with funding
The project has passed the stage of launching and testing of the prototype
The production of vessels is carried out at Evperium's own shipyard, 75% of the equipment of the vessel is developed by the company itself
Company have already signed contracts with major market players for delivery in 2022. and reached preliminary agreements with customers for the period 2022-2025.
A wide range of potential customers: municipal authorities, ship owners, leasing companies, commercial operators
The ability to diversify products and markets due to the modularity of ship hulls and adaptation to customer's requests
  • noiselessness
  • comfort
  • zero impact on the environment
  • modern design
  • demountable structure for transportation anywhere in the world
  • transformable cabin